Find out how to fix leaking pipes and taps in your property here. When the pipes and taps in your home begin to leak, it can be very worrying. The potential damage that leaky pipes and taps can cause to your home is quite significant, so fixing them needs to be done quickly and efficiently. The best way to do this is to hire a professional plumber so that you don’t end up causing more damage when you try and repair leaks yourself. Sorting out and fixing leaky pipes Before starting any work, make sure to turn off your water supply. A plumber will release the ends of the pipe to release any built up water in the pipe. The plumber will then wrap a piece of rubber around the pipe and hold it in place with a clamp. If you’re looking to fix the pipe yourself then pipe clamps can be purchased from most major DIY retailers – if you’re unsure, hire a TK Builders The plumber will then apply resin tape to cover any small leak. If there is an apparent larger leak, a plumber will use an epoxy putty to cover the entire crack on the leaky pipe. In any case, leave the recently fixed pipe to dry for a few hours before turning on the water supply. Sorting out and fixing leaky taps Although hiring a plumber is still best advised for any work of this sort, sorting out and fixing leaky taps is a lot easier and a lot less work than fixing pipe work. Firstly, the plumber will turn off the water supply. Locate the stopcock underneath your kitchen sink and turn it in a clock wise direction, this will drain the tap out. If you are unable to find the stopcock, a plumber will be able to help. The plumber will then remove the top of the tap, exposing the hexagonal nut underneath. The plumber will then removethe washer from the leaky tap and replace it with a new one. If you are fixing the leaky tap yourself then you can purchase washers from DIY outlets. The final step the plumber will takewill be to thoroughly clean out any dirt that has built up around the leakytap.